Prudence ~Part 2

Ever been bothered why so many of us live discontented lives?

I set out to walk earlier this morning. I felt a deep sense of calmness sweep over my being just getting damp with the cool misty air. Then I passed by a fishing resort. Yes, it's the sort that allows you to fish right in the pond and pay for your catch. Then, cook it right there. I stood at the gate. And wondered...

Really, people don't go there to pay for the "ordinary" catch but the "thrill" of accomplishing it. It's quite easy because they fish right where the fish are. They don't have to seek them in the deep oceans. The real catch? It's the simple joy they get from doing so. The convenience of finding happiness that easily.

Odd as it may seem, but, I realized how we seek simple joys with complex ways. Because we're so busy trying to make a life that we forget how to truly live. We're so focused on what we don't have that we forget what we already have.

I remember now what it is we too often miss out on —prudence.

It's a rare virtue. It's that voice within telling us to choose that which is "right" over that which is merely "acceptable". It makes us gravitate towards the good naturally. It gives us the strength to do the things that matter. To live consciously. To create change. Not resist it.
"Prudence is the knowledge of things to be sought, and those to be shunned." ~Cicero


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