To-do-and-not-to-do List

"It's just another manic Monday.." the Bangles sang wistfully. And so we join the chorus.

Life in the city is a fast lane. Too much noise. And glare. And we're  like billiard balls, just bouncing into each other, never connecting. "Connections" are shallow. We become increasingly dissatisfied. And we'd go by feelin' exhausted on Mondays but alive on Fridays..

The trouble, I think, starts and ends with the efficient use of our time each day. Really.

Today, I sorted out my own struggles with personal time management, especially on Mondays. If you're like me, here are a few to-do things to start the day right:
  • You're human, aren't you? When was the last time you checked? Then at least make a to-do-list and will yourself to check off some items before your day ends. If you don't need one, chances are good —you're superman reincarnated.
  • You're going to work, not play. If you own your company, it's your choice to waste time procrastinating and rocking that expensive executive swivel chair in your desk while chatting or reading this blog. If not, then you don't have that choice.
  • If nothing gets started, nothing gets done. Pretty obvious, right? Not so. Else, why aren't we motivated on Mon-days? Stephen Covey writes, "Begin with the end in mind." Do work that matters, today. Don't forget, Mondays don't start with lunch breaks.
  • Old school communication works better. Need to make a point? Nothing beats a hug, or coffee talk, or hand-written sticky notes, or a pat on the shoulder when "connecting" with real people, not virtual ones. Small things matter.
  • Ideas and opinions aren't etched on stones. Repeat this mantra: improve, improve, improve. Boredom and procrastination are the enemies of creativity. And success.
These things are "common sense" not so common. But, we can at least try. T.G.I.F!
I think I’ve discovered the secret of life – you just hang around until you get used to it. ~Charles Schulz


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