How To Enjoy Life Better: A Clumsy Guide

So what was it like? to be bold and naive? to be clumsy and yet full of energy? to be consumed with angst and still have fun? to foolishly wish to be older and have no idea what responsibilities meant? to act on impulse and think back with regrets later?

Ah, high-school life! I'm nostalgic. I miss the energy and passion that those tumultuous teenage years never seemed to run out of.

Or could it be that I've been taking life so seriously now? The day to day living has taken its toll on us …

I'm a born contemplative. Buh. Not that it's such a bad thing, just that most of the time it's what pulls me away, really, from having the "social life" I used to enjoy in my younger years.

Adulthood is hard.

I'd sometimes ask myself, "What's up with you?". And I once grabbed my cat and blabbered about this all to frequent hang up (lately, that is) and asked the poor thing,"What do you think? What's wrong with me?". He just squirmed out of my grasp before letting out an exasperated "meeeooooooooww". I can almost imagine him raising his left eyebrow, "Duh?" and perhaps even muttered in annoyance, "Get a grip of yourself, silly human".

I'm looking back on those years … when life "seemed" to be more fun…and carefree…and full of energy. But that's only one side of "the life" I'd like to draw lessons from. The other—all the angst and conflicting emotions—would be an entirely different story.

So, sit back and reminisce … here's how to enjoy life better today (like we used to):
Be naive and curious. It makes life an exciting discovery each day. Have you felt lately how life is so daily it's sometimes boring? But that's only because we stop "discovering" things. We tend to think we've figured it all out and life drags on and on in mundaneness.

It's better sometimes to be clumsy and full of energy, than to be sophisticated and boring. Remember how easy it was to enjoy the day when you can just laugh at yourself and still be accepted by your peers? It spares you from sulking too much in embarrassment of a hurt pride. If we could all just be at ease with ourselves...

Live passionately, but by all means, have fun. Remember the time your crush was sitting next to you in English class? How you both exchanged stolen glances the entire hour your teacher was blabbering about pronouns and verbs? But the only pronoun and verb that mattered to you then was "her or him" in conjunction with "puppy love". Oh, sorry, you had no idea they called it "puppy", whatever that meant. Life was... red.
Now, it's time for you to "talk back" if you've been reading this blog. I know I would shift from my own pangs of passionate rants about life and all that "self-growth" stuff, I sometimes forget to have fun. Today, I just remembered.

So, what was it like when you were in high-school? Hmmmm...
"I always knew looking back on the tears would make me laugh, but I never knew looking back on the laughs would make me cry." ~Anon

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