If you owned the company that you're working for, would you work "the way you do" today?

Nah. Who cares? You should. Attitude spells the difference between rewards and consequences. Positive or negative, it's more valuable than skills, intelligence, or appearance. What you bring to work matters more than what it brings to you.

Do you ever pretend to work, while accomplishing nothing, just for show? Do you just do your office-work routinely turning in mediocre results? Do you dream of a job without aggravations? Do you stick around your 'job' daydreaming about that which you'd rather be doing than 'work'? Are you still enthusiastic about "work" the way you were on the day you were hired?

So, you think Monday is a such a lame way to spend one third of your life today? I sometimes do. I get the jitters, too. Because if you don't really like your job, you don't strike. You just go in every day and 'work' halfheartedly.

But I like my job.

So, I'm in for a new spin. And because I love what I do, I give it my best shot, every time. It makes all the difference. Think you're bored at work? Take a positive spin.
What is it that you like doing? If you don't like it, get out of it, because you'll be lousy at it. ~Lee Iacocca


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