Prudence ~Part 1

You can be very literal-minded about things, until it affects you personally. Then, it's totally different.

Well, yesterday, I've had it. It hurt bad. I lost control, or rather, I gave up control. I wept. I've made my mistakes, but in return I learned, boy, did I learn. I wish I had known better, yet... I'm grateful it all happened.

Prudence. That uncanny ability to stay focused, to pay real attention to "the present" —to act and speak with foresight. It's a decision to do work and say things that matter, always. And while I'd fumble a bit about this, let me share a few of the learning's I'm talking about here:
Be open. Have the willingness to consider other people's opinions, though you don't necessarily have to like them or agree with them. Someday, you'd need to be heard, too.

Empathize. Learn to walk in other people's shoes. If you have to beat yourself to it, just do. You have to understand where others are coming from, to listen to "who they are" before you walk away and dismiss an issue. Others' shoes are always bigger than yours.

Say what you mean, mean what you say. Need I say more? You can be very frank, but be gentle. Be quick to listen, slow to speak. Chances are, you may need to remember what you just said, later.

Just say it. Give your opinion with respect and consideration. Disagree agreeably. Learn to ignore "critics" you cannot possibly please. After all, we can always choose who judges our words and actions —those who will make it better, use it, and thank you.
So, yes, this morning I'm glad to be alive, again. I'm ecstatic! It's my choice, to just be.
"In matters of conscience, first thoughts are best. In matters of prudence, last thoughts are best." ~Robert Hall


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