You're riding a new wave, taking risks again. It's an overwhelming feeling. Sometimes it splashes cold water to your face. You get the chills. You laugh. You live the moment. Your heart beats faster. You love the thrill.

As you get off the wave the feeling subsides. You start to wonder if the moment you had before was real. Because a moment is just that, a moment. It passes. Soon, it's gone, never to return again. You wait. Another wave comes by. Repeat.

Now. It comes along. Uncertain. Slow. It seems easy to ride. But, you grapple the unknown. You fidget. It's that old feeling you've been desperately avoiding a long time. It's not fear, though. It's close to that. You hesitate, and yet, you take pleasure in its sensations and the familiar pain it brings. You resist. While in the same breath you pine for it. Funny, when it comes, you start to run away...

Still, it topples you all over again. You like it. You reach for it. Your strength drains slowly. You're close to giving in. And then. As it draws closer and closer, you walk away... from love.
"Between men and women there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship."  ~Oscar Wilde


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