Be Steadfast Even When Life's Got You Down

Life is an adventure, but we don't always enjoy it when the stresses, worries, and pains stop us in our tracks. We falter. We lose our bearings. Yet, we'd instinctively get back up again (no matter how long it takes) and move forward. Because we humans are inherently wired for survival. Life goes on. So it figures.

Of course, I've had my share of life's ups and downs. And while I'm always one to think that "I'll have another season", deep within I'm losing it. Those were times when everything seemed to be going wrong and spinning out of control. But I've learned well enough to know now that it was in my lowest of lows that I experienced the most growth and maturity.

It took a lot of nerve-wracking, soul-tearing, gut-wrenching self-discipline-with-tenacity-and-second-chances for me to get back up again. Steadfastness was the key.

You see, from where I've been, you've probably been, too. I started out young and full of plans. I even had back-up plans. But then, I was faced with the hard realities of life, and ... back up plans just don't make it however. Because when you have one, you'll use it the moment things get topsy-turvy, and that happens pretty quickly. Before you know it, you've lost track of how your time has been spent. Time stands still for no one. It keeps moving, and so should we.

We can and should expect that we will all get wearied and burned out. We're all frail humans anyway. We can exhaust our strength to no avail. And with the pressures and stresses of our day to day existence —we can crack from beneath anytime. But here's great news: nobody's got life all figured out.

We have to realize that our difficulties, adversities, failures and disappointments are the threads that weave life's fabric into one beautifully complex and intricate masterpiece—itself a miracle. What matters is that we remain resolutely firm and unwavering in our faith, hopes, and dreams no matter what. Be steadfast. It is the common thread among the most successful people throughout history.

“Everyone will not favor you or respect your beliefs, passion and purpose—so be it. But do not allow the views of others to hinder your quest. Remain steadfast.” ― Terry A O’Neal