It draws you to it, takes you down—
You resist. At least, you try.
It takes you in, swirls you around—
'Til at your wits' end, you cry.

Unnerved, you cave in. Oh, you do!
The taking…no words can say.
What meager strength is left in you,
It all just melted away.

Slowly, you try to break free ...

Pulling away tears you apart—
Somehow, deep down, the hurtings wane.
The longing that breaks your heart,
Holds you together. Keeps you sane.

Finally, you turn your back and run ...

Still it finds you, sucks you within.
You're too tired now, and helpless—
"What the heck...", you say. Let me in.
You cling to it. There's just coldness.

And darkness. And heavy breathing ...

You recoil. But you hold on still—
Its stoic. Lifeless. And it rends.
So, you let it take what it will,
'Til it subsides. 'Til it ends.


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