Can't do it all

“If you could do tomorrow over again, would you? “ ~Seth Godin
"Busyness" is undoubtedly addictive. You can just go about your seemingly endless "should-do" and "urgent-to-do-lists" each day without even noticing how months passed have you by.

Until you can't stop anymore. Then you start to take notice—

I know. I've been through it all.

But the more I kept pushing, the farther my goals and dreams seemed. All the pushing, and squirming, and sleepless nights didn't seem to move me one bit nearer to everything I've ever hoped or wanted to achieve. Something just doesn't add up.

It was only when I finally realized how I have been pushing to the wrong direction all along thinking that if I was good enough at it, I'll get things done. I didn't, at most.

Hard work set against the right direction is just futile. You can take fancy routes or even invent complex techniques, but still, you're helplessly lost. Sometimes, you'd get too caught up with all the hurrying that you forget where you're going. And so, not a bit moved, you lose momentum. Frustration settles in. And you wonder why.

Well, it felt like I was hit with a brick in the head realizing just that...

I stopped and asked myself, "How did I get to where I am now? Do I like it where I am now? If so, what did I do right? Will I do it again? If not, what did I do wrong? Can I change it? Am I willing to make the changes?" Somehow, deep inside I knew. And it made all the difference.


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