Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm. ~Abraham Lincoln
Leaning has been a lot easier. It gave you the sense of security and comfort... even strength.

You clung tightly. You held it close. Like life.

Then things changed. You panicked. Your strong facade collapsed at the moment you lose grasp. You fall. You get lost. But, you stayed. Lost. And then.

You felt something snap out of place. You cringed. A gush of warmth crept through your arms. You felt your feet shudder. Then silence. Darkness. You awoke in the cold. You felt for your sole and gingerly plucked out a spike. Your knees knocked weakly. You stagger back up. And reached for the nearest wall in painful steps. Sigh.

You realize —you haven't really learned to walk on your own. You've been clinging all the time. So, when the very thing you cling to crumbles, all that's left of you are two wobbly legs, unable to support the weight of your own body. How could you possibly move on? You drift.


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