"If you don't have time to do it right you must have time to do it over."  ~Anon.
Mornings are new beginnings. So, when are you going to start living like it?

If you're waiting for magical moments to inspire you, motivate you, and approve of you, you are just daydreaming way too much. Rare moments like that are important. But there's a big difference between "daydreaming" and realizing your actions matter.

If you have a good plan, execute it. If you have new and better goals, start moving towards it today. No need to wait for some shooting star to wish you luck, or some self-help guru to tell you how to achieve your dreams. These things I forget, sometimes. We all do.

Sometimes things rush at you all at once like wild animals and overwhelms you with thoughts of "i-will-never-be-good-enough-for-this" or "i-must-be-doing-it-wrong-all-this-time" that you just lie there, trampled on the ground. Paralyzed. So, what to do when that happens?

Here's a quick list of a few ways to restart:
  • Take care of yourself. Do you really care about keeping yourself healthy —both in mind and body? Occasional gym sessions, or one-day-fasting from your self-defeating habits can give you a quick fix. But, quick fixes don't work. It takes a lifestyle change.
  • Play a new game with a new game-plan. You can change what you do if you want to, but not if you keep putting it off for a "better day". Procrastination won't work miracles.
  • Make time to "water" your relationships. Because relationships don't just grow by mere chance. And growth requires change. Remember, small things do matter.
  • Stop perfecting your life and start living. Just because you dream of a "perfect life" one day doesn't mean you can't start living it today. Find things that make you enjoy life.
  • Quit taking. Instead, give. Sometimes, when we give, it allows us more room to receive. Real giving is an uneven exchange done with the right spirit. So, if you find yourself feeling empty, consider this: perhaps you've not received because you've not given.
So, if you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.


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