When "I-want-more" gets into you

Most of us admittedly swear by the “Thank-God-it’s-Friday” oath and barely survive weekdays. There seems to be a common obsession with “overtime” and fat paychecks. We’re willing slaves to society’s goddess of “achievement” —highly intolerant to failure and defeat.

We always want more. And when we get more, we want even more.

Really, how much can be enough? Oh, we have ever-growing needs, we say. Needs that are too oft disguised materialism. . .

Ever realized how we worship gadgets and fads like the savages of ancient times? We hail the status quo and embrace its expensive symbols —our favorite mantra: what’s the latest?— more often than our family and closest friends. To top it all, we’re vicious consumers of fitness and health hypes, yet, we simply don't bother to really care about our own bodies —simple regular exercise, balanced diet, enough sleep. Isn’t it odd that we work more to get more to spend for elaborate health insurances? Things just don't add up. Buh.

Well, you should have noticed by now, how I have intentionally used “we” in this rambling. It's because I cannot exempt my own guilt of these things. Now, just take a deep breath and sit back. These are not our worst crimes yet. Let me share with you three survival tips from my own periodic love affairs with this modern god –workaholism.
First, admit that you just can’t work hard enough to ever get enough. It takes real strength though to cross out some “can-do’s” from our extremely impressive calendar. Yeah, they’d only look good on resumes, but not on your hospital bills.

Second, always keep your sight at eye level just in case you have to jump over it. Personal relationships are at the highest risk level in this area. Beware.

Third, make time to rest. Just rest. Away from work. Away from cellphones. And emails. You’ll thank me for this. As Publius Ovid (a Latin poet) aptly puts it, “Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.” And if work just gets overwhelmingly above your pile, which, it often will, walk away. Let’s talk it over cappuccino grande at Starbucks.
Or do we actually make ourselves believe all this hard work is just so we can have enough? If we'll ever do. It’s an incurable lifestyle, so it seems. Sigh.


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