Flip that

"There are two ways of meeting difficulties... you alter the difficulties, or you alter yourself to meet them." ~Phyllis Bottome
We've heard it said, "Your attitude determines your altitude." But what happens if we flip that? How about "your desired altitude determines what your attitude should be?" Try these:
  • We take "entertainers" seriously, our political system as a joke. Flip that.
  • We applaud performance, ignore character. Flip that.
  • We quit before we even try. Flip that.
  • We dream big and work little. Flip that.
  • We act before we think. Flip that.
  • We speak before we listen. Flip that.
  • We nurse our pains, ignore our gains. Flip that.
  • We react before we stop to consider, respond when it's too late Flip that.
  • We remember the "wrongs" others do, forget the "wrongs" we do too quickly. Flip that.
  • We decide on impulse rather than wait, procrastinate when we should hurry. Flip that.
Be different to make a difference.


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