Boxed in

"Before you can break out of prison, you must first realize you're locked up." ~Anon.
Ever felt so limited, yet, too weak to break free from the confines that hold you? I have had it.

You're bound to duties and responsibilities, expectations and conditioning, inhibitions and creeds. You've been that way too long, in that, whatever is acceptable, agreeable, and conforming to the ways, creeds, and principles that your circumstances, authority figures, peers, traditions, and even religion have imposed on you —you just do.

Why? Because you choose to. Or people choose that for you. Or. . . you just do because you're not capable of thinking for yourself anymore. Ouch!

Expectations. Every time you make up excuses or try to explain what you think, or say, or feel, or do, you make it other people's business to mind why. They have foolish expectations. You can be fooled into believing it's what you want, too.

Inhibitions. When you have to deny yourself what you really want, who you really are, or even try to take comfort in such masquerade, you set yourself up into an inescapable trap. In that people will think they know you enough to be so giving, a people-pleaser; then, when you disappoint them, they feel hurt. And guilt is an unforgiving monster.

Responsibility and caution. If you burden yourself with things "you-should-be-doing-because-they-need-you-to", you are beating yourself up needlessly. You can never please everybody. When you do, it'll never be enough. And martyrs are burned at the stake.

Acceptable, agreeable, and conforming. You are imprisoned by fear. Fear of being alone. Or perhaps, you've stopped thinking. It's too much work. You'd rather be on familiar ground. To fit in. But, the only reward for conformity is that everyone may "like" you, except yourself.

Like it? No? What's keeping you? Remember, not all those who wander are lost.


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