Status quo: tippin' it over

We all want the power to influence, in some way or another. To connect, to affect others, to be accepted, to be valued by someone, even a bunch of our kind. And that happens only when you're "first". Yet, we don't push hard enough to get there —to be above ordinary. Why?

Now, I'm not saying this is wrong or right, I'm just pointing out that this seeming indifference makes us mediocre, just average. Boring. The only option is to start doing, to be something. And so, let me share with you my personal game plan:
Step out. Dare to change the rules. Now, of course change can take as long as you allow it. It can make you squirm in resistance or crawl back in pain. And though it's not always clear to me why, I'm more familiar with the latter. But the only thing you can do to make things happen is to just do, now.

Connect. Pursue your passion, seek out your ideals, and create a culture. Then go connect with your kind, where you belong. These are the ones who think, feel, and want the same things you do. They are the ones willing to listen. That's all that matters.

Blaze a trail. Be good at one thing. Then be really, really, really good at it. Repeat.

Change something. Fact is, the only way to tip over the status quo is to change what you do, the ideas you spread, "who you are" when times are difficult, how much you give when you don't need to. Be the change you want to see in the world. (Mahatma Gandhi)

Do it again. Repeat all of the above. Be an expert at it. Then, do it again.
If you're great at some things, you also suck at different things, right? Really, the average don't matter. And the status quo is so "average". It's less risky. It's too comfortable. Effortless.

Go change that. Get out there, first.


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