Why I Write

“Writing is making sense of life. You work your whole life and perhaps you've made sense of one small area.” ~Nadine Gordimer
I have been holding off creative writing (one of my favorite personal outlets) for awhile, or rather.. I haven't really gotten to it in a long time. A full time day job and a freelance job just leaves me in a daze week after week after week. I needed a release as I felt my sense of self-worth slowly fading away into the blurry of day-to-day survival.

Lately, I realized my life just stalled on me. I have stopped thinking about taking the time out just doing things I personally enjoyed the most —books I planned reading, a Fernando guitar I have not played or even "touched" for a long time, unfinished paintings... the list can go on and on. Personal relationships have slipped away unnoticed. I have drifted too far. I know.

Sadly, I've become too busy trying to survive in the "rat race" to give serious thoughts to my own self-defeating ways. But we cannot avoid being controlled by our circumstances at times (well, yes, we allow our circumstances get us all mashed up). So, I backtracked. If you're suddenly in water over your head, it does no good to raise your fists in anger and blame anyone or anything on the bank that pushed you in. You just have to start swimming back.

So, well, I am actually writing again! And it feels good to really live once more..


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