I am not a morning person. I never really thought myself one. My personal morning rituals are far removed —lazy stretches in bed and blank stares up the ceiling of my small white-walled room. Sometimes, I just lie still listening to my own heart beating. But this morning, I decided to make it a good one. (I've been planning on this paradigm shift for a long time.) It was a now or never...

My cellphone alarm went off at exactly five this morning. I decided to settle into a comfy short-and-t-shirt after a quick shower. With a steaming cup of coffee in one hand, I took our Belgian shepherd, Tyrone, out into the woods at the back of our house. We trailed through the mud-bridges feeling the mist of morning dew from the grass blades. I watched the beautiful glow of the morning skies as golden streaks began to slowly paint the horizon. The birds excitedly burst in chorus with the roosters as if celebrating the magnificent sight for the first time together.
"Sometimes the best way to figure out who you are is to get to that place where you don't have to be anything else." ~anon
An unmistakable sense of calm and peace swept through my whole being.. the cool breeze caressing my soul. It seemed to drown out all the turmoil within. Could it be that all the noise I live with each day is helping me hide from the very thing that scares me? I sipped the last drop from my now chilled coffee...

Do yourself a favor, wake up to a good morning.. it might change everything. And if that's not even possible now, plan to have a good morning tomorrow..


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