I had surrendered to a deep slumber with many thoughts swirling about my head that made me feel a bit dazed and lost in a world, all to myself. I remember holding on to one last thought... then everything blurred.

It's five in the morning, I awoke with a start as I heard my name being called from a distance. Then the voice kept getting louder. I shuddered. I have been trying to catch my breath in my dreams, which, turns out to be my mother shaking my arm trying to wake me up.

"Those kids have been waiting for you. They said you had planned out jogging with them this morning." Omg! I completely forgot.

"I-i... I told them I'll send word that we're pushing through only if I bought the badminton rackets already. I haven't", I mumbled faintly faking a baffled look. Deep inside I was devastated. I was jarred realizing the gravity of my failure. They trusted me. I failed them. I could have known better than to forget my promise. How could I have completely forgotten about it? Kids don't forget. "How could you promise something like that to those kids and simply not show up?" My mother sighed clearly disappointed. I can't face these kids knowing I cannot look them in the eyes...

Now, I feel this twitching in my stomach and my heart seems to choke up on me. I know I have disappointed those precious little souls and it pains me thinking just how I can possibly make it up to them. I'm reminded just how it felt when I was their age. It has left an ugly scar in my naive soul. Now, that scar seems to be flashing red.

This is going to be the longest day in my life...

(P.S. I did not take the time to edit this post as I wrote with only the contents of my heart at the very moment and I feel editing it would somehow deviate from the real deal. ~dette)


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