Finding Forgiveness, Losing Faith - Part 1

Hanging onto spirituality to make one's self feel good all the time can only take one so far until one succumbs to doubt. A spiritual dead end.

Falling out of faith doesn't really take so much as one tiny crack left unnoticed, or worse, unattended to. Petty disappointments and unanswered questions—all seemingly trivial, insignificant issues—add up over time.

For some, faith is a fragile thing, easily shattered leaving a calloused soul in its wake. Hardened by indifference … and apathy … and scepticism.

It's why we all need redemption. Every. Single. Day.

For it is in our darkest moments that we find ourselves desperately straining for the slightest glint of light. But sometimes all we can do is grope our way out. And find forgiveness.

“I rejected the church for a time because I found so little grace there. I returned because I found grace nowhere else.” ― Philip Yancey


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